About Us


Hello out there! My name is April, Founder of Prills & Frills, an upscale online boutique for women to find all the perfect clothing and fashion accessories they want and deserve.  While our team at Prills & Frills has a passion for fashion, we have humble beginnings built upon other, more important passions in life; let me explain...

After college, I married Dan. While I began a career in finance, it became clear that his  career was really taking off and would prove to be the better financial path. This was great news, as that would allow us to explore our dream of having children.  Ten years and five states later, we had two beautiful children, Riley and Brian.

While being a Mom was a dream, it wasn’t fulfilling the other passions for which there was a clarion call...to start a business while being a busy Mom and wife; so started Prills & Frills.  And if you're wondering about the name, "Prills" was always my nickname growing up.

Yes, while we exist to offer great fashion to great people, we also hope it inspires other women to follow their dreams, whatever those might be. Start a business, begin a foundation, quit that corporate job, be a Mom, be a leader. Whatever it is, do it without fear because fear or inertia cannot be excuses for inaction, or worse, quitting on a goal.

Just as important, we wanted to build a company that didn’t just serve us, but also benefited something greater. To decide how to do that, we looked at our other passions and the answer was clear:  we’ve always been ardent advocates for shelter dog adoption, have two great adopted dogs and have been dedicated financial contributors and volunteers for animal shelters and large national organizations promoting pet adoption for years.  Therefore 5% of all net profits of Prills & Frills will be given to the Danbury Animal Welfare Society,  a local shelter here in CT, to help animals heal and find forever homes. Great companies always have roots in great causes;  we aspire to join those ranks.

So, yes, please “buy our stuff”, but feel great when you do it, not just because of how great you’ll look and feel, but also because you’re helping the helpless.

Thanks in advance for all of your support. With any luck, we’ll do great things together!

-April, Dan, Riley, Brian, Lady & Remington